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 Sell Your House Fast Today!


Each month we buy houses in any condition or price range from people in situations just like yours. It doesn't matter if you want to stop foreclosure, sell your house fast, looking to upgrade to a bigger home or are just simply tried of the stress of your home.We can help! We are cash buyers  and close within days if needed. Depending on your particular needs and situation, we may make several different offers so you can choose the one which works best for you.

We work with a sliding scale from CASH to TERMS. If you need to sell your house quickly for all cash, we need a severe discount. If you need some cash now and can wait a while for the rest, we may be able to get you what you need.  Simply tell us what you NEED and we'll customize a solution specifically for your situation.

We handle all the paperwork and we'll handle all arrangements for physical inspections, termite inspections, surveys, appraisals, title checks, insurance, etc. to get the deal done. We make it easy. All you have to do is show up for closing a few days later to sign some papers and pick up your check.

We are not real estate agents and are not associated with any real estate broker*. We are private individuals who solve real estate problems. You'll get a quick sale with no hassles, your worries will be behind you, and you can get on with your life.

       Why Sell Your House To Us?


  • No Realtor Commissions:There's no reason for you to pay the standard 6% real estate commission since we don't charge fees for anything and we're not Realtors or real estate agents. We're not going to LIST your house, we're going to BUY it.

  • No Need To Do Repairs:If you'll take the cost of repairs off the price, we'll be happy to do the repairs so you can save your time and money. We don't need a sparkling, brand-new house to make a deal work.


  • No Closing Costs:You know up front the amount you will have in hand when you walk away from the closing table. We typically pay all related costs such as physical inspections, termite inspections, appraisals, surveys, title insurance policies, recording fees, etc.

  • Close When You Want:If you need to wait until your next home is built and/or lease this home back for a while after the sale, we will work with you. We're flexible so we can close in a few days or a few months, whatever best fits your timeline.


  • No Hassle Transaction:You don't have to worry about constantly cleaning the house for the hordes of lookers. You also won't have to worry about starting over months later because your buyer can't qualify for financing. We handle all the paperwork and details. All you do to sell your house fast is show up at closing to sign some papers and pick up your check

    The condition of your property is typically NOT an issue. Run down? No problem. Need Repairs? We can handle it. Just plain ugly? We'll give it a makeover.

    You can sell quickly and easily, in "As Is" condition, without ANY hassles AT ALL. Sound good?  I may just have a deal for you! In fact, after one quick walk through, I'll make you a written offer - GUARANTEED!

    It can't happen unless you Contact us NOW !!! Don't wait

    For a no-obligation, no-risk offer,please fill out the form below as accurately as possible. One of our home buyers will contact you - usually within 24 hours. If both parties agree on terms, a contract is signed and your home is sold



Investor code: REI-10

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